Working Through It was divinely inspired in the winter of 1998. During this time I was conducting seminars and workshops in spiritual and psychological education for students who were interested in careers in clinical and counseling psychology and social work. A very popular workshop that I conducted was death and dying. I was overwhelmed by its popularity, and it became my favorite and signature workshop. Because of this popular workshop, I was gifted with the opportunity to teach a course, The Psychology of Death and Dying, in Spring 2000. One of my students was a banker and her feedback of The Psychology of Death and Dying course was as following: “I came to this class with many reservations. You made the class one in which you not only learned the subject matter, but simply enjoyed doing so…believe me when I say that you have a gift for teaching. Your personality permits one to participate in the class without reservations. You must not allow anyone, including you, stop you from teaching. Through teaching you share your greatest gifts.” This one, particular gift of feedback, after seventeen years, has finally encouraged me to step out on faith in creating this blog and to trust God in the process. We all have beautiful light within us and we must permit it to shine.

            I have had my share with death and dying, along with the many questions that come with the subject, and I have come to understand that we will have sunny seasons and rainy seasons in our lives. And when the rain comes, although sometimes it is very uncomfortable, I have learned to trust in God to help me through it. When death, loss, or grief enters our lives, healing only occurs when we travel through it, go through it, and work through it. Yes, the process may hurt, but I believe it works!

            The purpose of this blog is to help people, in the smallest way possible, to better cope with the hurt, the pain, the grief, and the sorrow from losing someone to death, or from loss period. We experience many different losses in life, which can be pretty painful. The loss of a job, divorce, the loss of a pet, the loss of independence due to a physical disability, the loss of friendship, and the loss of love are a few examples of the many different losses that we will experience in life. These losses may result to hurt, pain, grief, or sorrow, and we must allow ourselves to grieve, and to heal, in the midst of the rain. Remember, after it rains, a rainbow appears, to let us know that the sun will shine again in our lives.

            My educational background is in psychology and Christian theology, and I hope these blog posts will be good reading and a blessing. Thank you so very much for your time and kindness, which I will never take for granted. Keep me in your deep and sweet prayers as I navigate this new journey in my life. And to God goes the glory!


  1. This is truly a blessing to me especially at this very moment. I am still grieving and healing from the passing of my Mother in 2014 and my daughter in 2015 as well as several other losses that have stemmed from these traumatic occurrences. Sometimes the pain is so very UNBEARABLE even now. However I know that is only GOD that has kept me to this point and will continue to keep me. I didn’t realize that bereavement and lost has been a part not only of my life but also my ministry. There are stages of grief as well as stages in the healing process. What we must do in order to survive is realize what stage we are in embrace it and as you state “work through it”. People don’t always understand your walk, your grief nor your healing processes therefore adding to the pain that has already been inflicted. Understanding that my Lord & Savior experienced such pain and abandonment and that He did this for me is a soothing balm as well an even deeper pain for His selfless act saved me and at the same time it grieves me to see how he was treated for OUR sins.
    I’ll keep listening trusting leaning and depending on Him as I continue in this path called life for HE alone has kept me and I am so grateful. Keep pressing and utilizing the gift He has given you it brings him Glory and at the same time helps His people. Keep prayed up and I will lift you up in my prayers. If there is anything that I can do to assist. Please do not hesitate to contact me.




      Thank you so very much for your kind words, and thank you for sharing.

      First, I want to offer my sincere prayers over the loss of your mother and daughter. Losing someone you love is a very painful experience, and I believe that we never get over the loss of a love. But by the grace, the mercy, and the love of the Good Lord, we learn to carry on with our lives. Even though our loved one is no longer with us in body, I truly believe that our loved one is always with us in spirit, because our loved one is still alive. I am convinced that when a loved one dies, that person wants us to remember them, and our loved one is closer to us than we ever could imagine.

      When I reflect on personal loves who have gone home to be with the Good Lord, I remember them with both smiles and tears. My smiles are for the wonderful times we shared together, and my tears are my gratitude to God for God allowing my life to be blessed by such incredible beautiful lights.

      Yes, there are different stages of grief, as well as healing. And when we begin the process of grief-work, I am convinced that God is always ready to apply the healing. Importantly, everyone grieves differently.

      When we experience death, those who are close to us sometimes do not know what to do or what to say. I always tell people, presence (just being there for the bereaved, not saying a word) is very powerful. Holding the bereaved hand or giving the bereaved a hug is more powerful than a thousand words.

      We live in a society that tries its best to keep death in the closet. Very few people want to talk about it. And even fewer even think about their own mortality. I thank God for providing me with a platform, a forum, to talk about death and dying, loss, and grief. Too many people have to deal with their pain and grief alone. I trust God through faith that this blog touches the lives of many, and I ask God to anoint it in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

      The vision and the dream that God gave me eighteen years ago owes its foundation to the tragic death of a very young family member, and I hope and pray that I will do him proud.

      I want you to know that I thank God for your faith and your perseverance through your struggles in life. And whatever you go through, God is with you, every step of the way.

      On this beautiful Easter morning, remember, that we Christians are “Easter people in a Good Friday world.” We have HOPE because God raised Jesus Christ from the dead. So, no matter what we go through on this here earth, we have the victory because of the CROSS.

      God bless you, pressed down and running over with blessings. Thank you for your prayers, and I will keep you in my prayers. Again, thank you for reading my blog post.


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